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Registration Services
Event Management Group consistently applies advancing technologies to enhance our products and services. The result is technological systems with a high-degree of flexibility and mobility, which offer the best internal and on-site operational quality and efficiency in our industry. Our Macintosh and PC network supports a sophisticated FileMaker Pro database system, which can track the most challenging of program information and logistics.
Web Design and Development
EMG designs and develops highly creative and interactive Web sites for program attendees which incorporate the event theme, program of events, activities, registration, session scheduler, airline services and more.
Web Set-up and Administration
The brilliance of a Web site is the ability to make immediate changes and update information daily if required. EMG manages this process, as well as the daily downloading of registered attendee information into our registration database.
Web Reporting Design and Administration
Web Reporting allows users to view any relevant data that has been collected via the program website and housed in Registration tracking. This information is real-time, interactive and available 24 hours a day.
Web reports are customized to provide accurate program information to the customer and may include attendee lists, arrival/departure lists, session capacities, payment tracking, and cancellation lists among many other possibilities.
Once a potential attendee completes and submits the registration form on the Web site, an electronic confirmation appears on the screen. Further, a personalized confirmation with all final details for each registrant is sent to them prior to each event
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