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Air Services
Air Services Department Operations
Event Management Group provides Domestic and International Group Air, VIP Arrangements, After Hours and Emergency Service, Extensions, and Web Site Air Services over the Internet.
Air Analysis and Recommendations
Event Management Group is always searching for the most advanced travel technology available in the market. EMG's air department automation has been designed and implemented around one shared belief - customization. All training and technology is customized specifically to each customer and the individual event details and protocol. EMG's customized technology is enhanced with Cornerstone QCX software. QCX is a fully automated quality control and file finishing software which is able to hold all airline contract details and rules to perform automatic checks and price comparisons to assist in monitoring and managing the program air budget.
Airline Contract Negotiations
EMG thoroughly researches the best air blocks and most cost effective airfares for each program based on group demographics provided by the customer. The Air Purchasing Manager negotiates the most favorable contract with each of the airlines involved, making all efforts to minimize deposits and any penalties for unused block seats. EMG also works with customers who have negotiated their own contracts directly with the airlines.
Communication Process with Traveler/Travel Planner
EMG's air department is "team" oriented rather than based on shared project responsibilities spread throughout a single call center. Agents are trained to provide one-on-one personalized customer service centered around their individual project assignment with each agent having an available "partner" to back them up should they be otherwise indisposed.
Quality Control Procedures
The objective of the Quality Control Program is to anticipate problems before they occur and make corrections where necessary. Through a combination of automated processes, manual checks, and reports, the team is able to monitor records and ensure their accuracy and completeness.
Reconciliation Management
Once the program is completed, a final air billing is run that includes each participant's name and the amount of all tickets issued for the program. Before an air bill can be included with the final program billing it must be reviewed and approved by the Accounting Supervisor, the Air Purchasing Manager, and the Air Supervisor.
Extension Planning
Special rates are negotiated at hotels in recommended extension destinations. An Air Coordinator works with each participant to plan and coordinate their travel for pre or post program hotel and airline reservations. The information is requested from the participant in the registration form. This gives the Air Coordinator an opportunity to research the request and get back to each participant with some optional information and the associated costs involved.
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