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Programs Management
Meetings with the Customer Event Team
These meetings are set up to review the scope of the project, define the roles and responsibilities of each team member, establish a regular meeting schedule, and determine the most effective communication process throughout.
Create and Manage the Timeline
The timeline is the key element of the pre-program process that drives the project from start to finish in the most cost efficient and effective way. The Program Manager is responsible for creating and managing the timeline.
Detailed Program Specifications
A comprehensive set of program specifications is put together that outlines each day including associated details of sleeping rooms, food and beverage, meeting AV and production requirements, activities and entertainment, function space, office and registration desk requirements.
Program Budget and Invoice Management
Managing the program budget includes managing all vendors and their invoices, budgets, contracts and payment schedules to ensure that no program detail is overlooked or overpriced. Budgets are continually updated, and any changes or issues are promptly communicated to the Customer Event Team.
Food and Beverage Management
This important program element includes working in conjunction with all food vendors (hotel and any off-property venue) to develop menus, plan the decor, set-up and staffing. EMG manages this process all within budget parameters set forth by the customer.
Function Space Management
All function space, pop-up meeting rooms, offices, breakout rooms, food and beverage function space, and all other space requirements are managed with great attention to all program logistics. A detailed function space grid or schematics is prepared for the customer to review.
Ground Transportation Management
The management of airport arrival and departure transportation, including staff at each terminal, sets the tone for a successful program. Transportation management also includes group transfers for any off-property events and activities. All transportation needs utilize the most deluxe air-conditioned equipment available.
Speaker Selection and Management
Event Management Group has access to 15,000 speakers and entertainers whose messages and performances have inspired millions. Anytime our customers need anyone, anywhere in the world to speak, train or entertain their very important audiences, they call EMG. We present an entire speaker/entertainment package from the pre-program stages of generating the enthusiasm to attend the event, to post program follow-up with additional information and support for the message.
Post Program Activities
Post program activities give both Event Management Group and the Customer Event Team the opportunity to evaluate the project, not just from the attendee's perspective, but from an internal perspective as well. The EMG Team will hold an internal debriefing session to review all aspects of the program. We recommend that the Customer Team hold a similar meeting internally, and then meet with Event Management Group in a joint debriefing session. Shared information at this level results in better practices for future events, and a written document with this information remains as a permanent part of the program file.
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