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Umra Guidelines
Rituals of Umra
In Arabic the word `Umrah is derived from I`timar which means a visit. However, `Umrah technically means paying a visit to Ka`bah, performing Tawaf [Circumambulation] around it, walking between Safa and Marwah seven times. A performer of `Umrah puts off his Ihram by having his hair shaved or cut.
Umra In Ramadan
  • Hadeeth narrated by Abdullah Ibn Abbas , Prophet Muhammad, has said:
    • "To perform Umrah in Ramadan is like performing Hajj in my company."
  • Although, the reward for performing Umrah in Ramadan is equal in reward to a Hajj. It is NOT a substitute for Hajj.
Performance of Umra
Umra Requirements
  1. Umrah, when performed independent of Hajj is OPTIONAL.
  2. However, if you are performing Hajj, then at least TWO Umrah SHOULD be performed at the time of Hajj. Those Umrah are part of the requirements of Hajj.
  3. Umrah can be performed at anytime during the year.
Umra Rites
  • Specific Rites for FIRST Umrah (outline):
    1. 1. You MUST arrive in Makka in a state of Ihram.
    2. 2. Proceed to Masjid-ul-Haram to perform Tawaf.
    3. 3. After completing Tawaf, pray two rakaat behind Maquamu Ibraheem and drink Zamzam.
    4. 4. You then peform Saiy.
    5. 5. Finally, end your Umrah by shaving your hair. It is preferred that men shave head completely. Women should clip at least one and a half inch of hair.
  • Rites for SUBSEQUENT Umrah (outline):
    1. 1. Leave for the Miquat from Makka.
    2. 2. Take a bath, use perfume (men only; women do not put on perfume) and then put on the
    3. Ihram.
    4. 3. Say two Rak'a prayer at the Miquat and make the Niyya for Umrah.
    5. 4. While reciting the Talbiya, proceed back to Makka.
    6. 5. When you reach Makka, perform Tawaf.
    7. 6. After completing Tawaf, pray two Rak'a behind Maquamu Ibraheem, drink Zamzam, and
    8. peform Saiy.
    9. 7. Again, end your Umrah by passing the razor over your head so any new stubs of hair are shaved off. Women should also clip at least one and a half inch of hair everytime after performing Umrah.
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