Pre-Events Services
Key Programs Elements

Key Programs Elements
Registration Services, Session Scheduling and Web Reporting
Event Management Group uses an integrated system of information management technology that results in technological systems with a high-degree of flexibility, integrity and mobility. We have the capability to register attendees via the Internet, as well as by traditional methods of Fax, E-mail, and Phone. Our sophisticated systems can track attendee schedules throughout an event, and the customer event team can view all of this information real time on-line.
Air Services and Technology
Event Management Group is always searching for the most advanced travel technology available in the market. EMG's air department automation has been designed and implemented around one shared belief - customization. All training and technology is customized specifically to each customer and the individual event details and protocol.
Web Design and Development
The Event Management Group design team creates Web sites that become the focal point for the promotion and marketing of each of our customer's events. Program information is available to potential qualifiers or program attendees in an exciting and innovative format via the Internet. EMG works with our Customer Event Teams to create the communication path that will maintain participant involvement and generate enthusiasm to attend the event.
Communications, Collateral Design and Development
Event Management Group has full-service creative capabilities that include the latest in electronic media such as Web design and development and Interactive Media. Additionally, our team works with traditional direct mail design, copy, pre-press, and print buying services. Our commitment to our customers is exceptional creative concepts and quality of design and implementation from theme development and promotion, through event production and all elements of the program of events.
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