Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction
Event Management Group acknowledges that our customers have reasonable customer satisfaction expectations with respect to Project Management, Program Logistics, Web Design and Administration, Communications, Registration Services and On-site Management for all programs and events. Included in such expectations is that EMG will perform satisfactorily for all required activities as mentioned and outlined for each program. Event Management Group partners with each customer to develop a service standards model in order to guarantee 100% customer.
Operating Performance Indicators (OPI) Used to Demonstrate EMG's Approach to Customer Satisfaction
It is the goal for Event Management Group to meet the performance criteria standard that each customer sets forth. To this end we will strive to provide leadership, maintain strong industry relationships, reach 100% Customer Satisfaction in our customer service liaisons, and partner with each customer to implement "best practices" and service standard benchmarks.
The following are some Key OPI's for each department at EMG.
Account Management
  • Availability and Response Time
    Account Managers are available 24 hours per day via cell phones and e-mail.
  • Innovative Solutions
    The account team is prepared to provide creative alternate solutions to program challenges.
  • Budget Driven
    The Account Manager will monitor all expenses and manage all budgets wisely to come in under budget.
Research and Development
  • Contract Negotiations
    EMG is unsurpassed when it comes to contract negotiations on behalf of our customers.
  • Creative Development
    EMG strives to create the perfect event. A memorable time for a group yields nothing but positive results.
  • Buying Power
    The strength of our vendor relationships has resulted in obtaining the best rates and concessions available.
In-House Operations Services
  • Dedicated Team
    A specific team is assigned to program management for continuity and to effectively manage each event.
  • Response Time
    Requests will be acknowledged and action taken immediately within the same business day.
  • Attention to Details
    This remains as one of EMG's key strengths. We pride ourselves in the execution of the details.
Air and Registration
  • Air Reservations
    The air team will strive to book all travel requests within 24 hours of receipt of request.
  • Response Time
    Each team will strive to answer all calls live, with a guarantee of a response within a two-hour timeframe.
  • Accuracy of Reporting
    Comprehensive and accurate reports will be provided according to the timeline set forth for each event.
Finance Department
  • Degreed Team
    This team has the education behind their accountancy skills that results in quality final billing procedures.
  • Quick Turnaround
    A final bill draft is completed in one week, with final reconciliation by 30 days.
No detail is overlooked, and the accounting team presents line item final bills.
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